Our Vision

You are innovative.


Yaw Theater is a dance studio that can be transformed into a performance space. We are  focused on developing community and collaboration among artists with an emphasis on creation and performance. 

Tired of the lack of rehearsal and performance space in south Seattle, Yaw Theater seeks to bring the performing arts community to West Georgetown.

Artists arrive with a vision, and we do all that we can to enable that dream. From building sets to reconfiguring the space, the realization of a concept is of the utmost importance to Yaw.

Partnering with the non-profit Pitch+Roll Productions, we hope to bring more dance and choreographing opportunities to the Seattle area dance community, focusing on building audience and art comprehension. We also hope to focus on new artists and collaborations with artists of differing mediums, helping to expand the all artists reach and versatility.



Stella Kutz, Founder

Yaw Theater is located in a building with many different artists-bookmakers, ceramic artists, metalsmith, sculptures, painters, etc. There is a dynamic energy that permeates, and creativity is found in all the nooks and crevasses of the building, fueling the production of the new and novel.

They key to the existence of Yaw Theater is YOU-as a performer, an audience member, as support, as an artist with an idea. We would always love to hear your ideas and suggestions for what you would like to see in the dance world. You can submit ideas under ‘Suggestions’ above. If you’d like to stay up to date on the happenings at Yaw Theater, please sign up for the newsletter, follow Yaw Theater on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Photo by Michelle Smith-Lewis

Photo by Michelle Smith-Lewis